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  • Placing an order – It’s quick and easy to place your order online every time you would like to buy from us – read more…
  • Order information – Orders are confirmed via email, but you can also access your order details on this site at any time – read more…

Guest or Registered Customer?

WeyRun offers all customers a choice of how to order – either as a guest or as a registered customer. So what’s the difference?

Registered Customer

For those of you opting to register for a WeyRun customer account, then these are the pros and cons:


  • A 10% discount on all orders
  • You will qualify for our registered customer only offers
  • You will have more available delivery choices
  • Your “My Account” dashboard will provide you with:
    • full details of all of your current and previous orders
    • easy management of billing and delivery addresses
    • easy management of contact and password information
  • You can leave product reviews/feedback


  • You will need to login to place an order

Guest Checkout

If you do not wish to open a WeyRun website account (it’s free and only takes a minute!), then these are the pros and cons:


  • You don’t need to login to place an order


  • You miss out on our 10% discount for registered customers on all orders
  • You miss out on our registered customer only offers
  • You have fewer available delivery choices
  • Accessing your order history is less straightforward
  • You can’t leave product reviews/feedback

How To Order

It is quick and easy to place your order online every time you would like to buy from us.

Browse our range by choosing one of the collections from our navigation menu at the top of this page e.g. Men, Women, Accessories, etc.

Then select the product type you would like to view e.g. Base Layers, Watches & Trackers, etc. All the products matching that type will be displayed.

You will then also be able to:

  • filter the displayed products by price
  • sort the displayed products
  • search for other products
  • browse products from other categories
  • see which (if any) products are currently out of stock

Product Selection

To view a product’s details, simply click on the product image or its description.

Alternatively, you can click on the “Quick View” link that appears if you hover over the product image. This feature shows a more restricted amount of product information, but may be useful for reordering or simply if you are in a hurry!

Product Page

The product page provides the following features:

  • Hover over the product image to zoom
  • Click on thumbnail images below the main one to view a different image
  • Thumbnail images may also include: size guide & video
  • Additional product information
  • Customer reviews
  • Links to similar products and categories
  • Product options (size/colour etc.)

Quick View

This is a pop-up version of the product page.

It contains less information, but may be useful if you are reordering an item or you are simply in a hurry!

Please note: The video feature does not work in Quick View mode – to view a product video, please view the product page itself.

Product Ordering

Once you have decided to purchase an item, you will be able to do so long as it is not shown as “out of stock”.

If a product has any options – e.g. number/color/size etc. – please select as appropriate.

Once the “Add to basket” button is showing in bright blue, please click it to add this item to your order.

Shopping Basket

You can view items in your shopping basket at any time:

  • by clicking the blue “basket” icon at the top of the page
  • or the “View basket” link on a product page (once you’ve clicked “Add to basket”)

The shopping basket page also enables you to:

  • remove an item from your order
  • change the quantity of an item
  • enter a discount coupon code

In addition to displaying your selected items, the basket page will also:

  • display other items you may be interested in
  • display the running totals of your order – these will update dynamically if you make changes – e.g. additions, removals, quantities, coupons etc.
  • display any active discounts applied to your order (if any)
  • display a choice of delivery methods

Once you are happy with your final basket content and you have selected a delivery option, please click the blue “Proceed to checkout” button.


The checkout step is where you’ll confirm your address and pay for your order.

The checkout process differs slightly depending on whether you are logged in (i.e. as a registered customer) or not (i.e. you are a “guest user”).

Logged in Customer Checkout

If your are a registered WeyRun website customer and you are logged in, then you will simply need to confirm the display details we hold for you e.g. name, address, email etc.

Guest Checkout

If you are not logged in or are not a registered customer, then you can:

  • register as a customer first (click on “Log In” on the main navigation menu)
  • register as a customer as part of the checkout process (Check the “Create an account” checkbox at the bottom of the billing details area)
  • log in to your WeyRun account (click on the link in the “Returning Customer” area)
  • checkout as a “guest” customer (complete the checkout form and place your order)


The payment process is covered in full on the “Pricing & Payments” page.

Order Confirmation

Once payment has been successfully taken, you will return to the WeyRun website.

Order confirmation differs depending on whether you are logged in (i.e. as a registered customer) or not (i.e. you are a “guest user”).

Logged in Customer

  • You will see a confirmation page (please print) and you also receive a confirmation email.
  • You will also be able to return to review your order details at any time in the future via the “My Account” dashboard displayed upon logging in to your account.


  • You will see a confirmation page (please print) and you also receive a confirmation email.
  • You can review your order via the “Order Tracker” page (see below).

Order Information

WeyRun customers – guest or registered – can always view their current and previous order details on the WeyRun website.

  • Registered Customers can do so via the “My Account” dashboard.
  • Guest customers can do so via the “Order Tracker” page.
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