Weybridge Sports shop frontWeybridge (Surrey) is our home and the location of our first shop, Weybridge Sports.

We are a family-run independent retailer with the drive and stamina to compete against some of the larger retailers in the market.

WeyRun is our online presence dedicated to specialist running products and delivers expert running advice, whether you are a couch potato on a mission or a seasoned professional.

We are in it for the long run.

Our Story

Tom Eastwood
We have all been there, that point where your get up and go, got up and went!

The same happened for Tom Eastwood, founder of WeyRun.

Determined to shed pounds and get fit in both mind and body, Tom started off with a Couch to 5K mission.

Almost within no time at all he had completed the Thorpe Sprint and London triathlons. With his get up and go now running the distance, Tom has run countless half marathons and triathlons with his sights set on his next challenge, Iron Man.

Starting his journey with the local family business Weybridge Sports, Tom and his dad Brian Eastwood have been selling sports clothing, footwear and equipment in the heart of the town.

Weybridge Sports shop frontThe shop has grown and evolved with the ever changing and fast paced nature of retailing, competing against the giants of the sports world who are able to shed prices with no bricks and mortar shop to maintain, or face to face service with the customer.

Much like running a race, Tom saw an opportunity to get ahead and created WeyRun, an online retailer with the heart of an independent.

By selling high end products and specialist equipment alongside the advice and guidance you would get in-store, WeyRun is able to outrun most of its competitors.

With regular blogs and tips from both Tom himself, local running specials, groups and communities, WeyRun hopes to help customers on their own running journeys and beyond.

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